My name is Mark Nomikos.
 I'm currently living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
 I'm obsessed with Theme photography and add new drama's en stories to my work. 
My goal is to make bizar pictures en meet new people and make friends allong the way. 

“Make friends, visit the world and live like a star” 

The first time I used my camera for photographing models, was after a workshop with this great guy Frank Doorhof. Then I realized how much I loved making images with a story, and here I am,  80 years later, working with all my friends and models support my desires.

This website features work from the following Models and the assistants of friends:

Patricia Nomikos

Geertje Pinxteren

Roxanne Letterie

Daphne Wakkee

Tamara Egger

Vera Limpens

Kevin van 't Oor

Nakea Summer

Anita Boomman

Sandra Hilgerson

Youri Nouwens